1. Recently a new form of „Soundcode Classes“ has been initiated.

These classes are designed for learning a new set of Soundcodes to work with in your own office. The focus is not on self-experience but on learning.

Of cause your system will also receive the benefit of the codes that you will be learning. They are running for around 3 - 4 hours and are taught online.

Right now there is a set of classes available, called classes for organs/meridians/glands. More information can be found under "upcoming events".

2. In the year 2013 Elisabeth U.H. Westermann introduced a new type of transformational class, best characterized as “Soundcodes for self-healing and personal development on all levels.” These classes are mainly taught in person, whenever she would visit the States.

They work with the psyche on multidimensional levels. The focus is threefold: transformation through healing old mental and emotional traumas, experiential expansion of consciousness, and transmuting outdated, limiting patterns. These limitations have originated both in one’s own personal history and in one’s ancestral history.

At the same time you are given tools and Soundcodes that you can work with at home, on your own, or with the people you will meet in class. Through the process which happens naturally when we release on this level, new friendships can sprout.

In addition you will get sound codes and tools that you can use with (and on your eliminate) clients.

The Soundcode Classes have specific subtitles, as every class is focused on a different theme. These are some of the subject matters that might be offered:

  • Re-discover love
  • Nurture yourself
  • Heal your heart
  • Eliminate limiting patterns

Each class stands alone and offers a uniqe set of Soundcodes and tools.

The Soundcode Classes are meant to:

  • lead to self-healing and expansion
  • support you in transforming your life's pathway
  • teach you energetic formulas of “sounding” and “sound codes” that create shifts in health and consciousness
  • train you in voice energy frequencies that truly impact health and consciousness
  • connect you with people of like mind
  • This type of class is not meant to teach you a new modality to use in your work with people, even though that can be part of the outcome, but is primarily meant to support your own healing- and growth process. If you are interested in this type of class, we will see, what we can do for you, to make it  available in the english-speaking sector.



Los Angeles April 2014